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Brazil Digital Nomad Visa

Updated on Thursday 17th March 2022

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The Brazil digital nomad visa is available to certain categories of foreign nationals, and it can be a convenient way in which certain professionals can work remote for an initial period of one year.
A digital nomad visa, also known as a remote working visa, is a form that allows you to live and work in a foreign country without having to immigrate or apply for residency or citizenship. This visa form permits online entrepreneurs to come in, remain for a time (typically a year), and work from home.
The Brazil digital nomad visa is available for certain foreign nationals, however, others who are interested in working remotely from the country can apply for a different type of visa based on the activities one will engage in.
Please note that most digital nomads who only plan to stay in Brazil for a few months will apply for a tourist visa, which allows travelers to stay for up to three months.
Our lawyers in Brazil can give you complete information about the VITEM XIV visa which can be used by some foreign nationals as the option for remote work. For those looking for an alternative, our team can provide you with details about your options. 
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What are the types of visas available for working from Brazil?

The Brazil digital nomad visa is available as a separate option for the VITEM XIV visa which is issued by the Consulate General of Brazil in Los Angeles or Chicago.
Non-US foreign nationals will find that the category VITEM XIV is available for individuals who plan to retire to Brazil. For example, the Embassy of Brazil in Oslo allows two categories of individuals to apply for the VITEM XIV visa: officially retired individuals, or those who receive a pension from a welfare institution. In both cases, the monthly income needs to be at least the equivalent of USD 2,000.
For foreign nationals coming to Brazil from other countries, remaining for work or investment purposes is possible under the VITEM V visa (for work or technology transfer), the VITEM IX visa (for investment), VITEM X (for economic, scientific, technical or cultural activities).
Each of the temporary VITEM visas in Brazil issued for a specific purpose are subject to general and particular conditions.
If you need any additional legal assistance regarding the Brazilian visas mentioned above that can be used as a variant of a Brazil digital nomad visa, you can get in touch with our attorneys. They can provide you with the best alternative type besides a digital nomad visa in Brazil.

What are the main conditions for the remote work visa?


Our lawyers in Brazil present the main conditions for obtaining the VITEM XIV where available.
The general conditions for the Brazil digital nomad visa (VITEM XIV) which can be applied for from the USA include the following:
  1. Identification documents: these include the passport and a copy of the birth certificate; the passport needs to be valid for the entire duration of the stay;
  2. Application form and photos: the filled in visa application form, signed by the applicant, along with one recent passport-size photograph;
  3. Background check: the US citizen who applies for the digital nomad visa will present an FBI Clearance or a local police department clearance;
  4. Health insurance: this needs to be valid in Brazil for the entire duration of the stay;
  5. Proof of monthly income: for digital nomads from the USA, the minimum monthly income is USD 1,500.
Additional documents may be required at the discretion of the Embassy/Consular authority. The US applicant can also present proof of income of USD 18,000 in a savings account.
The fees for the temporary VITEM visas are the following:
  • VITEM XIV (Digital nomad): USD 100;
  • VITEM IV (Study) or VITEM V (Work), VITEM IX (Investment) for US applicants: USD 290;
  • VITEM visa for UK nationals (more than 180 days): USD 215.
Please note that these fees can be subject to change. We advise those interested to reach out to our Brazilian lawyers for information before application.

Taxes on personal income in Brazil

Non-residents are taxed at source on their Brazilian-sourced income, whereas residents are taxed worldwide. The following is the income tax rate for non-residents in Brazil:
  • Non-resident taxpayers are only taxed on income generated in Brazil at a fixed rate of 25%;
  • An tax of 15% applies on other types of income, except dividend payments from a Brazilian company;
  • Foreign tax relief is available based on a doble tax treaty.
Contact the experienced attorneys at our law firm in Brazil. They can provide you with legal guidance and assistance regarding understanding tax. Furthermore, they can also help you understand the substitutes of a Brazil digital nomad visa
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