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Brazil Digital Nomad Visa

Updated on Tuesday 30th November 2021

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Brazil Digital Nomad Visa.jpgA digital nomad visa, also known as a remote working visa, is a form that allows you to live and work in a foreign country without having to immigrate or apply for residency or citizenship. This visa form permits online entrepreneurs to come in, remain for a time (typically a year), and work from home. There is no such thing as a digital nomad visa in Brazil. If you want to work remotely from Brazil, you will need to apply for a visa based on the activities you plan to engage in. Please note that most digital nomads who only plan to stay in Brazil for a few months will apply for a tourist visa, which allows travelers to stay for up to three months.
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What are the alternatives for the Brazil digital nomad visa?

Because the country does not offer a digital nomad visa, other Brazilian visas include:
  1. VITEM V Visa: For foreign temporary investors, the VITEM V visa is the most popular choice. It may be a good option for foreigners wishing to invest in research skills, technical support, and other professional services based on a work agreement or contract;
  2. VITEM II Visa: The VITEM II visa is for international nationals visiting Brazil for business. This visa, however, prevents holders from accepting contracts from Brazilian companies. The permit will be good for ten years, allowing individuals to spend around 90 days per year in the country;
  3. Permanent Work Visa: This visa option is for foreign investors who want to stay in this country permanently. It is appropriate for scientists, professional researchers, directors, managers, and investors with individual assets of $50,000 or corporate investments of $200,000 or more. After two years, VITEM V visa holders can apply for a permanent work visa.
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The application process for obtaining a work permit in Brazil

Applicants must submit all necessary paperwork to the related embassy present in their home country. Only legal entities in the country can process visa applications. As a result, your company must have a registered subsidiary in Brazil or engage with a worldwide PEO. So, if you face any difficulty, you are welcome to get in touch with our skilled Brazilian lawyers. They will guide you throughout the process of application and document submission. However, a general guide for obtaining a work permit in Brazil is given below: 
  • Documents proving the applicant's appointment as a legal representative;
  • Contractual changes or company statutes filed with the Public Civil Registry or the Commercial Board;
  • Forms for candidates and applicants;
  • An application for a work permit.
On the other hand, employees must provide information about their professional experience, evidence of schooling, a copy of their passport, and their address. However, visa fees may differ from country to country. In addition, issues such as family member trips will be determined by the conditions of work and residence licenses.
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Taxes on personal income in Brazil

Non-residents are taxed at source on their Brazilian-sourced income, whereas residents are taxed worldwide. The following is the income tax rate for non-residents in Brazil:
  • Non-resident taxpayers are only taxed on income generated in Brazil at a fixed rate of 25%. (Deductions are not allowed);
  • Non-resident’s income received outside of the United States is tax-free;
  • Rental income from a property located in Brazil is taxed at a rate of 15%.
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