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Brazil Citizenship by Investment

Updated on Wednesday 08th September 2021

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Brazil Citizenship by Investment.jpgThe state of Brazil is very vigilant when it comes to granting citizenship to a person. So, if you are planning to get Brazilian citizenship by investment, you must hold a high status in your community and must not have any criminal record. The applicant does not need to renounce the current citizenship because Brazil recognizes dual citizenship and he/she can obtain Brazil residency along with the spouses and children under 18 years of age.
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Investor visa in Brazil

Those foreign nationals who show proof of their financial means and ability to do a direct investment in Brazil can obtain a permanent visa. Even though there is no Brazil citizenship by investment program, this country offers permanent residency to the foreign investors who fulfill certain requirements. For an investment visa in Brazil, a sole investor needs to invest R$500,000, but if this investment is made through a Brazilian legal entity then it would be R$600,000. An investor can also obtain Brazil residency by investment if he/she invests R$150,000 in research areas or technology. If a person hires ten Brazilian employees he/she may be get qualified for permanent residency in Brazil. There is not any drafted structure about where a person should invest to get qualified for an investment visa. He/she could invest in setting up a business, stocks or real properties in Brazil. This process of obtaining an investor visa is generally comprised of setting up a legal entity (if applicable) in Brazil, transfer of funds, presentation of the business plan to the Ministry of Labor and opening of a bank account. The applicant must present the business plan to the Ministry of Labor for approval. The Brazilian Central Bank will approve the financial means by issuing a statement.

Requirements for the investor visa

The investment visa in Brazil is subject to a revision within the third year after its date of issuance. The visa will be renewed if the foreigner maintains the investment and has visited the country at least once during the first two years. After four years of holding a permanent residency visa, the applicant may apply for citizenship in Brazil.Citizenship will be granted to the applicant if he/she has resided continuously in Brazil. The other factors will also be checked while granting a person with citizenship, like; his/her Portuguese proficiency, knowledge of Brazilian culture and history.
The applicant needs to complete the following requirements if he/she is planning to get an investment visa in Brazil:
  • While applying for Brazil citizenship by investment, it must be noted that all foreign documents provided by the applicant must be notarized by the competent authorities in his/her country of origin and by the respective Brazilian consulate;
  • All documents in a foreign language must be translated by a sworn Brazilian translator in Brazil;
  • The applicant must have a solid business plan to obtain Brazil citizenship by investment;
  • Permission of Ministry of Labor and Employment;
  • Declaratory registration of Foreign Direct Investment in the Central Bank of Brazil;
  • Verification of the payment of the individual immigration tax.
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Rules and regulations regarding visa and citizenship

Once you get your investment visa in Brazil, your family will get permission to come to the country. You must visit Brazil at least once every two years to maintain your permanent residency status on an investor visa. The Brazilian authorities will periodically verify if you have left your investment in the country. Based on this verification your investor visa will be renewed or not. In normal cases, the applicant can apply for Brazil citizenship after four years of permanent residency. Brazilian citizenship qualifies you to get public sector jobs. In other circumstances, if you have a Brazilian spouse, you will get citizenship in one year, if you possess any artistic, professional or scientific skills, you can get Brazilian citizenship after two years. 
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Foreign direct investment (FDI) in Brazil

In Brazil, the main investing countries are; Spain, Luxembourg, Germany, Bahamas and the United States. The investments by these countries are mainly oriented towards, gas extraction, oil, chemical industry and automotive industry.
  • According to the World Investment Report 2020, FDI inflows increased by 20 per cent between 2018 and 2019 and reached USD 72 billion in Brazil;
  • FDI stock reached USD 640 billion by the end of 2019;
  • In terms of inflows, Brazil is the 9th recipient of FDI in the world.
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