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Obtain Residency in Brazil

Updated on Wednesday 08th September 2021

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Obtain-Residency-in-BrazilBrazil has become a very attractive country for immigrants to reside in because Brazil is not only offering amazing business opportunities for investors, but also a proper environment to live in. People in great numbers are applying for residency in Brazil because this is the largest country in South America and a lot of its factors are still undiscovered.
It does not matter where a person applies for obtaining permanent residency; he/she has to go through a complex and time-consuming procedure. To make the procedure of Brazil's permanent residency easy, the services of our Brazilian lawyers are available at our law firm in Brazil; they can help people to get their Brazil permanent resident visa easily. 


Who can apply for residency in Brazil?


Getting a residency in Brazil is not very tough, but it is also not a piece of cake because it is a very complex and lengthy process. If a person is looking for Brazilian permanent residency then he/she needs to fulfill the criteria of residency and our Brazilian lawyers can guide him/her regarding that criteria. With the assistance of our immigration lawyers in Brazil, people can easily invest, work or settle in Brazil. There are about seven different scenarios in which US residents can apply for residency in Brazil or any foreigner around the globe, such as if the applicant is:


  • - an administrator or a manager of a start-up company;
  • - an investor;
  • - a researcher or high-level professional specialist;
  • - an administrator or manager of a corporation;
  • - a pensioner;
  • - a spouse to the Brazilian citizen;
  • - a father to a Brazilian child.



Brazil permanent residency visa


If a foreign national has any of the seven situations described above and he/she intends to live in Brazil for more than two years, then the authorities may grant him/her permanent residency visa. The purpose of permanent residency visa is to allow a person to live and work in Brazil for good. But these permanent visas are subject to a revision right after three years from the date of issuance. Our lawyers in Brazil can assist a person with his/her renewal of a visa. This renewal is important if a person wants to live and work in Brazil uninterrupted. If a person continues to live in Brazil for four years with a permanent visa, he/she may apply for citizenship. Brazil may grant him/her citizenship if that person has knowledge of the country’s culture and understands it, if he/she speaks Portuguese and has Portuguese skills. But if a person marries a Brazilian citizen, then his/her timing to get citizenship might get shorter than usual. 


Potential benefits of permanent residency in Brazil


Capital investors and students look up to Brazil as it is a developed country and it has a lot of benefits to offer. China is emerging as a giant power and it is highly investing in other countries like Brazil. In 2019, China invested about $24 billion dollars alone in the agribusiness of Brazil. It shows that Brazil is really a place worth living and worth investing for business people.The applicants who apply for permanent residency in Brazil can enjoy the following benefits:


  • - They can buy landed properties;
  • - They get a chance to live and work in Brazil without any time bards;
  • - They enjoy access to the healthcare and the education system;
  • - They can enjoy the climate of Brazil;
  • - They not only do profitable investments, but they can also initiate their businesses;
  • - They get travel visa-free across Mercosur;
  • - Finally, the permanent residents eventually become the citizens of Brazil and this give them access to one of the most valuable passports worldwide, and they get visa-free access to Russia, etc. 


How to apply for permanent residency in Brazil?


Undoubtedly Brazil welcomes those applicants who want to apply for permanent residency in Brazil, but it also has strict criteria. It does sound sort of scary, but some applicants need to wait for even fifteen years to get residency in Brazil. The reasons include flaws in the application or ignorance of the procedure. No one wants to go through such a hectic time so a person needs to hire an experienced Brazilian lawyer who can guide him/her throughout the process.


Capital investment as percentage of GDP in Brazil from 2015-2019


Brazil has become a center of attraction for investors. Individual investors along with the states are investing in this country. Here is a table representation of capital investment as percentage of GDP in Brazil from 2015 to 2019.
No# Year Capital investment as % of GDP in Brazil
1 2015 19.1%
2 2016 16%
3 2017 14.8%
4 2018 15.2%
5 2019 15.5%
People who are seeking to get a residency in Brazil can contact our law firm in Brazil for assistance.